Take a Holiday in Fabulous Las Vegas

June 15, 2009


It’s that time again.  The warm weather is finally here and all you can think about is spending your vacation time.  Where’s the right place to go that will satisfy all of your holiday needs?  There is only one place that can provide an experience so rich and expansive you will never forget it; Las Vegas.

There is never a dull moment when vacationing in Las Vegas.  There are endless choices of activities that will compete for your attention. The difficulty will be in deciding upon just the right one.  Choosing the right hotel destination is the easy part.  Tropicana Las Vegas resorts provide everything you need right at your finger tips; delicious food, gorgeous casino and an array of nightlife activities.

There are more than just casinos to keep you busy during your Vegas stay.  Choose from circus acts or singing cowgirls.  Or how about taking a ride on a thrilling rollercoaster?  The Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy have giant cats and dolphins along with an array of exotic, lush gardens.

During the day take a tour through the Gallery of Fine Arts.  See the exhibits and artwork from museums all over the world.  Art enthusiast will find great pleasure in the tour.  Climb the Eiffel Tower Replica and take in the stunning views of the land.  The Tropicana Las Vegas is close to a variety of fun attractions. 

When it comes to nightlife Vegas is the original hot spot.  Starting at 6:30 the strip comes to life.  The lights alone will dazzle you but if you require a little more action to inspire you visit the volcano that erupts every fifteen minutes.  The Bellagio Fountain is breathtaking water show choreographed to romantic music.  For the more adventurous there is the Las Vegas Space Flights.  Experience zero gravity just like the astronauts do or take in the Treasure Island Battleship show. 

The Vegas strip will delight and entertain you. Simply walking the famous street can dazzle you.  The Tropicana in Vegas resort is in the heart of the strip.  If you feel like resting you can see everything; all the action right from the view in your room.  You don’t have to go far to experience it all either.  There are shows, activities and amazing sights right along the strip.  Be sure to take a leisurely stroll and truly feel a part of the city that never stops, never rests and never sleeps.

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