Take a Vacation to the MGM Grand Hotel

June 19, 2009


How to choose the best casino and hotel in Las Vegas can be one of the toughest things to do.  Las Vegas is growing very rapidly and even though that is the case the visitors never fail to stop by The MGM Grand Hotel.  It is popular for it boxing matches, and its shows.  The reviews for the hotel/casino as a whole are great and you will never be disappointed.  The prices are fair if you are looking for one fine hotel, the experience of it all is to just enjoy to be served with quality. 


If you are planning to get married soon, your honeymoon would be great if you stayed at the Mansion MGM Grand.  As a person that loves being romantic I would pick this place second to none.  The mansion is one of the finest in the world and to stay there with your loved one won’t be disappointing.  Being treated with a glass of champagne, having a butler, and having all the commodities for at least one night is a great feeling.


To be treated like a queen and king is something I can get used to, this is the place to get all that special treatment.  If you are a male and you want to make sure that your wife never forgets this honeymoon, I would say take her here.  I cannot describe how much you can do while staying there, but the point of the honeymoon is to just be with the one you love alone.  That is an awesome experience; take the time to plan it out.


Now if you want to explore more of the MGM Grand visit the concierge desk for all the details.  I love their restaurant even though their prices can be a bit high, it is worth it.  There are many to choose from including, French Cuisine, Fine Steak, American bar and grill from Wolfgang Puck, good Fish, Italian, Seafood, Japanese Cuisine, Fine Chinese Cuisine, and last but not least Mexican.  You can choose from any and your stomach will be so happy.  You can’t leave this hotel without experiencing some great music and dancing the night away with your loved one.  Studio 54 is the most popular for its live dancers, great light shows, and its great music. Tabu is known for its sophisticated servers and its casual environment.  Centrifuge is great; it has dance performances choreographed and freestyle.  You can’t leave without having drinks at Zuri. 

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