Take Good Luck to the Casino

June 2, 2009


            People have many different talismans, signs, and symbols which they consider to be lucky for many different reasons. Rabbit’s feet, four leaf clovers, and lucky pennies are among the most common carried by people in the western world today, but perhaps no symbol is as universally understood to be lucky in the western world as lucky number 7. Right from the time that people are learning to count they hear from their parents or grandparents about lucky number 7, and yet most people have no idea what the number 7 symbolizes, or why it has become associated with good luck. So, the question is why is the number 7 lucky?


            There are three main reasons that people think that the number seven has come to be considered lucky, although interestingly enough there are countless theories about the subject. The most commonly agreed upon origin is that it took God seven days to create the universe, and in fact, the number 7 is referenced other times throughout the bible as well.  With seven being the perfect number for creation, it became associated as being a lucky number. However, the number’s myth grew because there were also seven planets in the ancient sky, and because since the origins of dice, the opposing sides of a die have added up to make seven, all things which were considered lucky signs.


            Typically, all of these reasons are why you see the number seven displayed so prominently in a facility like the Wild Wild West Casino, a combination hotel and casino facility which is located just off of the world famous Vegas strip. Video lottery terminals almost always include a “7” as one of the winning symbols that players need to hit, and many games are named with a “7” somewhere in the title. This is done because the operators of the Wild Wild West Casino understand that no one considers any number as lucky as they do the 7, and that people are likely to want to try and play a game much more with that lucky number involved.  Our notions of luck might not have a lot to do with any hard facts, however, they make things like playing in the casino a lot of fun, and sometimes even more exciting when we have a bit of belief in our good luck charms or in our lucky numbers like the number 7.


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