Taking A Took At The Gymnastics Trampoline Pros

May 13, 2009


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A gymnastics trampoline is only one of the many tools that a gymnast coach may use in order to keep their student in the tip top shape for competition. No matter how old one is, they will more than likely enjoy trampoline gymnastics training and learning how to do neat tricks. Many have thought this to be too risky and dangerous, but the truth is, learning gymnastic moves on a trampoline can keep a novice athlete safe from harm.

Many coaches and parents are concerned with trampoline safety, and therefore do not want a student of gymnastics using one, especially with so much information telling parents not to ever let their child near a trampoline. The American Academy of Pediatrics is one group that warns against any use of a trampoline for any reason. They claim that most children will be hurt by doing trampoline jumping and trampoline tricks that they are not trained to do, and this can cause serious harm to a person. While this is true, if a gymnast is properly trained on how to use a trampoline to enhance their skills, then tumbling on a jumping tarp can prove to be safer than not.

A gymnastics trampoline can be seen by a student as a way to practice and stay safe; versus the use of only the mat. A gymnastics mat can be difficult to use when learning new moves. Tumbling on a trampoline can be less hurtful if the move is done incorrectly. However, when training on a mat, one can become seriously injured if the move is done incorrectly. This type of sports training can be hard on a young gymnast to overcome if they only see themselves as consistently falling and doing a maneuver wrong. Trampoline tumbling can be a godsend for many young gymnasts and for boosting their confidence in themselves.

Tumbling on a gymnastics trampoline can prove to be a huge confidence builder when one is learning how to tumble. By incorporating air time into one’s training routine, they can better learn how to do a move and that can keep their confidence in themselves at a higher level. Gymnastics is all about completion as one gets older, and learning to stay confident can only increase the ability to win in the long run.

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