Texas Hold Em Statistics

May 9, 2009


The number one poker game the day is no limit Texas holdem. All the new Texas holdem tournament players are trying to get better at the game. The following tips should be helpful for your tournament play.

This is a golden rule for some players, if you are the first into the pot, raise. Playing this way gives you better control of the situation. You can earn a lot more chips because of the pre flop raise.

Position is king in no limit holdem. So, play a lot of hands when you are in position. When you have a lot of chips you can be very adventurous with this idea. When you are near the button, raising or re-raising can give you position for the rest of the hand.

Most people do not know how to adjust their game with only 6 or less players at the table. Short table situations require more aggression. Unless everyone is deep stacked, the play will be very aggressive, do not hang back, you need to play an attacking game.

When you find yourself in a short-stacked situation, you need to tighten up you style. The best play with a short stack is normally to just go all-in. You should not be calling raises, and then folding after putting in 1/3 of your chips.

When play is deep stacked, you can play virtually any style of play. I think the best move is to play an attacking style. Look to have the nuts, or near to it if you want to put your tournament on the line when you have a deep stack.

With good hands and bad position, make a big pre flop raise. It is better to win pre flop than get in a bad situation because you did not raise. A big raise followed up with another nice bet after the flop will win the pot most times.

Your chip stack should dictate how you approach playing your hands. Also check your opponents stack size. If you have short-stacked players acting after you, decide if you hand is good enough to call if they go all-in

The tournament must be very deep stacked for a safe solid style to take you far. Most champions are aggressive players. If you play aggressive, and build a big stack you will have your best chance to win. The early eliminations are worth it when you go to a final table when you get on a hot streak.

Keep track of what people will be thinking about your game. If you have played wildly, you will have trouble bluffing. When you play a loose image well, you will make up for some of the lost chips on wild goose chases by scoring big more often on your good hands.

It will not take you long to learn to play. To become a great player is not so easy. The internet is allowing players to play thousands of hands in a short time, and become expert players quickly.

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