Texas Hold Em Strategy Guide

May 6, 2009


The number one poker game the day is no limit Texas holdem. So, this article is for all you newcomers that want to improve your tournament play. Below you will find some tips for no limit holdem tournaments. We assume you have some background in the game.

Tournament poker requires aggressive tactics. You should make a nice sized bet if you are the first one to open the pot if you want to play the hand. This play helps you define the play of the hand much easier. Also, a raised pot will have a lot more value when you hit a good flop.

You simply must play as many hands as you can with position. You can push you opponents around with a big chip stack, and position. I love calling small raises with hand like 89o when I am on the button. When they hit you can double up.

When you are at the final table of tournaments you need to know how to play against less and less opponents. You need to play more hands when the table becomes short. The blinds will eat your stack up if you wait.

When you are short on chips, a different approach is necessary. Often, an all in bet is the best option. It is a bad move to play speculative hands when it costs a lot of your chips to call a bet.

You can be any type of player with a deep stack of chips. This is a good time to play an open and aggressive style. Look to have the nuts, or near to it if you want to put your tournament on the line when you have a deep stack.

If you are in the blinds with a good hand, raise big, and make people pay for you to play out of position. If you win the hand before the flop, it is better than being in a hand out of position and unsure of the value of your opponent´┐Żs hand. If you bet again after the flop, you will know that your opponent has a very good hand if he continues.

The size of your stack should affect your playing decisions. Remember that your opponent will play different depending on how many chips he has. If a short stack just calls from under the gun, be wary of him having a very good hand.

When you play in tournaments with huge fields, a more aggressive style is needed to go far, generally speaking. Go for a big stack early in these tournaments. Get that good stack early. Then you can go far.

Pay close attention to what the other players think of your style. You can benefit from creating a loose image. When you play a loose image well, you will make up for some of the lost chips on wild goose chases by scoring big more often on your good hands.

The game of no limit holdem is not that difficult to understand. To be a winning player is much more difficult. It takes thousands of hands to gain the experience to be an expert player.

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