Texas Holdem Heads Up

May 9, 2009


Poker has gone through a huge explosion of activity, and popularity. Amazingly, poker has become a fast growing, money making machine. This article will discuss why people like poker, and what has caused it to become so popular.

Why is it that most people enjoy playing or watching poker games? The factors that draw many of us to poker are only a few items that are somewhat poker specific. Okay, let us see what the key elements that get us interested in playing.

Poker has a strong psychological element, which people find very attractive. People get a kick out of attempting to control what the other players will do next. You will get lots of satisfaction when you call a big bet and win, or when you correctly fold when your hand is beat.

There is luck and skill, and even though this can be frustrating at times, people just love it. The chance to get hot and win huge money makes tournament poker very enticing to many poker players. If you have enough persistence and determination, there is no reason you can´┐Ż’t become an excellent poker player.

Why has poker become a game that gets regular TV coverage? You can look back and identify 3 key events that resulted in poker becoming a mainstream activity. The invention of the hold card camera, and the marriage between the Internet and poker, followed by a huge surprised at the 2003 WSOP created the boom in poker that we enjoy still.

It begins in 1995 when Henry Orenstein invents a device called the pocket card camera. This new invention gave us a look at what the players have in their hands while play was going on. Using the pocket cam, poker became much more interesting top watch on TV.

Then poker on the Internet came along. Web based poker rooms made many things possible. The convenience and low buy in games have dramatically affected the poker player base.

With pocket cam we started getting more and more people intrigued with poker through television. Couple that with the fact that are a lot more players getting involved in poker. The third event in this sequence triggered a rapid growth for the build up that had already started.

In the year 2003, an amateur player (Chris Moneymaker), beat out all the pros to take down the WSOP championship event, winning $2,500,000. The online poker presence at the live event made the purse swell to a huge number. With people seeing that anyone can win millions at a poker tournament, poker boomed.

Celebrities flock to big poker tournaments, where the poker pros are the big stars themselves now. The entire poker industry generates huge money now. The online poker industry is simply a monster, and showing no signs of slowing down.

The magical combination of these three things put poker on a dynamic growth track. There is a report out saying that the US government could generate up to $50 Billion in revenue over the next 10 years if they legalized and taxed online poker. Poker has been in the shadows for a long time, now it seems to be thriving out in the open.

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