The Best Vegas Casino Games

June 16, 2009


Las Vegas Casinos and Hotels are world renowned vacation destinations and are looked to be as one of the experiences everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. Whether it be the glitz and the glamour that attracts you or it is the events and shows that draw you in everybody knows Vegas is all about the money, and with the money comes the gaming. There are hundreds of different Vegas casino games to try your hand at but make sure you are aware of what you’re into depending on whether or not you’re new to a certain game or skill set. Here are the three categories most casino gambling games break in to.


  1. Table games are also split into three different categories including, cards, dice and tiles and random numbers. Table Games as they are very commonly referred to include the likes of baccarat, poker of all kinds, Vegas blackjack or Spanish 21, roulette, craps, big 6 wheel and chase beezy. These types of games are commonly played with other gamblers or patrons and usually a house or casino employed dealer or croupier who regulates the play and betting.
  2. Gaming Machines are what slot machines and those sorts of things are categorized as. These sorts of games usually attract those who are new to the casino experience and offer the pinnacle casino experience with smaller bets, loud sounds and bright colors. But that is not to say that more experienced gamblers don’t take a shot at the slots as well. Some of these sorts of games include; slot machines, pachinko, video lottery terminals, video poker, racing simulations and keno
  3. Random Number Games are those that are chance based games involving some sort of numerical draw. Some of these style games include bingo and keno. These sorts of games draw huge winnings and players of all skill sets and experience.


There are many things to consider when playing these sorts of games like your personal and financial limits as well as playing it smart by understanding the rules and regulations of not only the games themselves but the casinos and gaming commission. For example, Vegas blackjack rules can be very detailed and hard to understand for those who are not experienced and can lead to horrible deficits on your check book. So it is always important to be careful and responsible whether you are experienced or not.

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