The Different Types of State Lotteries

June 11, 2009


            Many State lotteries run a variety of different style games. Over the years, many different States have tested different lottery formats, and some have proven more popular than others with the lottery playing crowd. Initially, what was thought of as the quintessential lottery format consisted of choosing six numbers out of forty nine, known as the 6/49 format. This is now not the only type of lottery being played however, and many different States are venturing out into other types of games which people enjoy playing. Often, people will play different games each week, depending on what are offered in their location, such as playing a multi state game like Mega Millions, and also playing a Super Ball Keno game as well. Keno is a game where you choose several numbers out of 80, and then twenty numbers are picked by the lottery out of the 80 available. The more you match the greater the prize payout, and it’s all based on the amount you initially wagered.


            Other States, such as Pennsylvania, offer a different style of game such as the Super 7 Lotto, a format which was also popular as a national lottery in Canada for many years. The Super 7 format in PA is played by selecting 7 numbers out of a field of 77. The jackpot in that State starts at one million dollars every week and follows the structure of most jackpot style games where, if the top prize isn’t won one week, it is carried over to the next; creating an ever increasingly higher jackpot until it is finally won by somebody matching all seven of their seven numbers.


            Of course, everyone has their own method for trying to predict the winning numbers of the lottery, and some are totally random, while others have detailed procedures they like to go through in order to try and predict the accurate winning numbers. Sun Star lotto results are those which are predicted through the use of Tarot cards or other astrological types of devices in order to try and mystically predict the lottery winning numbers, and for some people, this method provides more fun than any other for trying to win the lottery! Obviously, some people really do believe in these divination methods, but for most people this simply offers a more fun alternative to having the computer randomly pick their lottery winning numbers for them, which is a bit uninvolved for some people who want to feel like they’re actually playing a game, not just buying a ticket.




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