The F11 Polar Monitor – Truly Amazing

October 30, 2009


Polar has been the strongest company in this market for many years, because its watches have had high levels of quality and performance.  For over 30 years, Polar heart monitor watches have been the people’s choice, for professional athletes and average people alike.  Polar has a monitor suited for anyone, at any level of fitness, no matter which sports they participate it.  They have monitors for skiers, swimmers, cyclers, and runners, among others.

The Plus X is an award that is given to exceptional manufacturing Companies for having the highest of standards of products. In 2009, the Polar Company took out top honors for functionality, design, innovations and quality for a couple of their monitors. This award further showed that Polar is truly the best in the business. One of the greatest heart monitor watches ever invented was the Polar F11. Here is a heart rate monitor watch that has stood the test of time and continued to come out on top. This is a short review on the magnificent Polar F11 heart monitor watch.

The design of the Polar F11 is pretty simple and basic. It is the same size as an average wrist watch which means unlike other bulkier heart monitors, it can be worn as an everyday watch. It comes with many innovative features such as the “Keeps U Fit” fitness program. What this program does is take into consideration the users details so that it can prepare a specialized training program for them. What this also does is give the user informative feedback. This is almost the same as having a personal fitness trainer at your back and call. With the WearLink Coded Transmitter that comes with it, the Polar F11 is able to produce accurate training data because it is not tarnished by interference form other monitors and wireless electronic and training devices.

Just like other Polar heart monitors, the Polar F11 comes with unique functions such as Polar OwnZone, Polar OwnCal and Polar OwnCode. In the Polar OwnZone feature, the user is given target heart beat or rate zones where they are to train in. This is given after the users’ details have been entered. It is there to ensure that the user is training to their potential. It is also sort of like a safety feature too. The Polar OwnCal function calculates the amount of Calories and Energy that is used up in a single workout or an accumulated number of workouts. The OwnCode feature works with the chest belt to cancel out unwanted interference from other wireless electronics that that would compromise the accuracy of the training data.

The Polar heart rate monitor watch additionally includes other functions like a big simple to read display screen with a back light, automatic heart rate limit settings, and a guidebook.  Additionally, it’s resistant to water at a depth off 100′ or thirty meters.  These are some of the several functions offered by the Polar F11.  If you decide to purchase one, you can be certain you’ll obtain much from your workouts in terms of losing weight and maintaining fitness.

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