The Game of Video Poker

June 15, 2009


            Video poker is pretty much the same as the game of poker played at a table. The first difference though is that the player is seated at a video machine or online at their computer. Five cards are dealt on the screen and cards that make a certain hand (flush, full house, etc.) are usually chosen by the player to keep, while the remaining cards are given up and replaced with new cards. Video poker how to usually comes pretty easily to the player. It is just a matter of matching up cards that make a certain winning hand. One can hold certain cards in the hopes of getting dealt other cards that will match up for a winning hand, or one can let the cards go and start from scratch if he or she deems it necessary. If the player ends up with a winning hand, then he or she will win money or points for the specific hand. For example, a full house will come with a certain price tag, while a flush will have another price tag.

            Video poker gambling is a great way to make some extra cash. If you have the basics of the game down, then you can easily begin the game and start raking in the cash. Supplementing your current income in this economic downturn is a great idea. Take the chance with video poker gambling, and you’ll see what the world of online video poker has to offer. When you become a professional at the game, then you might even be able to make a living wage at it. Some people can completely quit their day jobs to simply make their income through video poker gambling. And, don’t forget, video poker gambling can be a lot of great fun as well.

            Video poker full pay is a bit more complicated. It refers to the amount that is returned. It can also be referred to as 9/6 video poker. This means that for a full house the return is nine coins, while the return for a flush is six coins. Playing a video poker full gives better odds to the player, no matter his or her talent at the game.

            In general, video poker can be learned quickly and the payoff can be even quicker. Once a person becomes competent at the game, the possibilities are endless. Video poker full is the best way to play, as the game will provide the highest return, which means more money for the player.


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