The Great Game of Blackjack

June 2, 2009


Blackjack, a favorite game for centuries, is sometimes known as “21,” from the French game of Vingt – et – Un. Although its history goes back as far as the 1700’s, along with roulette, it wasn’t until the 1930’s that Blackjack became a popular game. 1930’s Nevada was synonymous with gambling and it was in a Nevada casino that the Blackjack we know today was created. This casino was the first to offer 10 to 1 odds for a hand made up of the Ace of Spades and Black Jack.

Over the years the casinos have made it easier to get a blackjack but they have also lowered the odds to 3 to 2. As Blackjack slowly gained popularity authors began writing books about blackjack.

As books on strategies and tips on how to win playing this exciting game hit the shelves, Blackjack became more and more popular which meant more and more books were published. “The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack,” by Roger Baldwin, delves deeply into probability, statistics, and mathematical compilations.

The “Einstein of Blackjack,” wrote on the subject of card counting in his book “Beat the Dealer.” Other contributors over the years on the study of blackjack include the likes of Stanford Wong, whose book is still considered a valuable handbook on “Professional Blackjack.” The movie “Rain Man” further enhanced the widespread appeal of blackjack. The basic concept of blackjack is to get a total of 21, or to beat the dealer, without going over 21.

There are a number of websites that offer free information to players, as well as online tutorials that will allow you to learn everything you need before playing with real money. Blackjack is not a difficult game, and it can be the casino game with the lowest risk when using a strategy called Basic Strategy.

The casinos welcome players who use the Basic Blackjack Strategy as it can be very difficult to play perfectly and the casino still has a slight edge. It is possible to shift the odds in the players favor when playing Blackjack. To do this the player must be Counting Cards. Counting Cards tracks the value of the deck and allows the player to predict how the cards will fall.

While not illegal, Casinos actively seek out and remove card counters from their premises. multiple decks, card burning and constant shuffle machines have all been introduced to make it more difficult for card counters. There are a number of slightly different versions of Blackjack, each of which has slightly different odds. Adding a deck, allowing a player to double down, no splitting Aces all have a subtle impact on the game. But by paying attention to the rules of the table, a moderate amount of ability and an understanding of when to hit and when to stand with a bit of luck thrown in, you can see some real gains.  Download black sowftare for free at Online Blackjack Game, Online Blackjack Game or Online Casino Blackjack.

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