The misconception about midwives

August 24, 2009


Midwifery is a profession that takes care of expectant mothers.They are there when the mothers are giving birth and they also provide prenatal care. They also provide postpartum care as well.In general midwives are not registered nurses but if they choose to become one then they can be and can do so. But they have rules and regulations and they also have a governing body.But what are the wrong things that people think of midwives and midwifery in general?

The misunderstanding stems from the practice of giving birth at home.  In my practice of helping women as a midwife in San Diego, homebirths are where people get confused.People have this wrong belief that having a baby at home is not safe. But for low risk pregnancy they are safe.  Midwives do have some medical equipment for emergencies.  And in general because of the method of deliveries most complications are avoided.

That is where the benefits come in.  As some homebirth midwife San Diego perform their services they do it with a natural delivery.This is the kind of delivery where medicine is not needed or rather, no medicine is administered to help in labor.No medicine is being used to limit the pain experienced by the mother during birthing.But by not using medicines to help the mother during the delivery the birthing can finish at a faster time.Because most of the women do not know that medication will slow down the delivery.  So by avoiding medication they don’t slow down the delivery.

Another good thing would be when women deliver using water birth method because this has a lot of benefits for the baby and the mother. From doing water birth in San Diego in my practice the water eases the delivery.The water soothes the muscles of the pregnant mother resulting to an easier delivery of the baby. Plus the shock and stress that the baby undergoes during birthing can be reduced by being released into water.

As you can see there are some things that people wrongly think of about midwives and their chosen profession.But I’m hoping that you will understand that this method is safe for low-risk pregnancies.And midwives also have rules and regulations given by a governing body.That is why midwives are required to undero extensive schooling on midwifery.  They understand medical procedures that may be needed.So mothers should not worry about their safety while giving birth since midwives have all the necessary medical equipments for emergency purposes.It can be a good choice for pregnant mothers who have low-risk pregnancies.

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