The Occurrence Of Periodontal Disease

August 6, 2009


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Periodontal disease occurs throughout the world and is in fact the 2nd most common dental disease found worldwide. Basically periodontal disease affects the periodontium, which is the tissue surrounding the teeth. Due to improper oral hygiene bacteria can grow and cause the tissue to become inflamed. If left untreated eventually your teeth can all fall out. When travelling it may be helpful to bring along a portable oral irrigator.

At the conclusion of many studies it has been found that those individuals originating from North Africa, Israel, the Mediterranean, Asia and the United States all have a greater chance of getting periodontal disease. Those individuals from Latin America, and European countries not mentioned have a lower rate of periodontal disease. It is thought that this trend is due to culture and social behaviors rather than having a genetic predisposition to periodontal disease. Oral irrigators may be helpful in combatting this disease.

A few forms of periodontal disease have some associated early symptoms that include, swelling of the gums, metallic taste in the mouth, deep pockets in the gums, redness or bleeding when brushing or flossing, bad breath, lengthening of teeth because your gums are pulling back and loss of teeth.

Chronic periodontal disease is the most prevalent and this generally occurs when you each adulthood. It is caused by bad oral hygiene and can start when you are a child without showing any symptoms until you are an adult. The hydro floss, which should not be confused with the hydro pulse, may be very helpful in this regard. There is no way to cure periodontal disease but you can manage the symptoms effectively.

Insidious and episodic periodontal diseases many times do not have any early warning signs. You will not know that you have periodontal disease until one of the late stage symptoms of bad breath, bleeding gums, sore gums, acute gum, abscesses, loose teeth, change in bits or itchy gums occurs. Episodic periodontal disease happens infrequently and may only occur in sports or one area of the mouth instead of widespread throughout your gums and tissue.

Author: Scott W.

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