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March 31, 2009


Avi asked:

When I finally came across I had know idea I was stepping right into a goldmine. I was very skeptical at first and when I told my friends about trying a sports betting system they told me there is no such thing as a sports betting system you are guaranteed to profit from. John Morrison is a Cornell University graduate with a PhD degree in statistics and he has developed a system that I swear by work and anyone can profit from his systems. The systems are very simple and anyone can understand them.


I personally, waited an entire season to see the results and the results were phenominal. In the 2007-2008 NBA basketball season, using John’s system, the win-loss record was 80 wins with only 1 loss! I am currently betting on the 2008-2009 NBA season and so far I have profited and I am thrilled that the season is far from over! when you sign up for John’s system you will not be left in the dark! John gives free support for life and he will send out his personal picks when they come up and make you fee like you are the only member when there are really thousands!


John currently has 3 systems. An NBA system, an MLB system and an NFL system. His NBA and MLB systems are the most successful and most popular systems. I urge anyone to try John Morrison’s sportsbettingchamp systems. You will profit like I am. John has a guarantee on it and you have nothing to lose.


This product is the best investment I have ever made in my entire life! There is small one time investment needed for the hard work and dedication John has put into his unbelievable systems. I am urging anyone who would like to make money to try this product, you will not be dissappointed. I highly recommend it and if you would like more details and to purchase the system, you can check out John Morrison’s system at

Regards, Avi


P.S. If you have any questions about my personal experience using John’s systems you can send me a personal email at

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