The Surefire Forex Trading Manual

June 28, 2009


Once more Mark McRae has put together an eBook that should prove essential to all forex traders. It is entitled Surefire Forex Trading and consists of 112 pages of invaluable information for traders in all phases of their careers.

With this book, which comes in pdf form, McRae presents a system that utilizes Fibonacci retracements. Instructions are very easy to follow. A calculator is included to guide the trader through trades that adhere to his risks and rewards parameters.

This manual lays out swing trade strategy probability in great detail. The eBook also includes four-hour candle charts and swing points as well as Fibonacci 38.2 for trading.
The manual is broken up into six parts:

1. Theory of the Method

2. Multiple Time Records

3. Trend with Moving Averages

4. Trend Indicator

5. Fibonacci

6. Money Management

Mark McRae is a seasoned and highly respected forex trader and instructor. This eBook is only one in many that he has written for the forex market. His professional standing and proven reliability in the trading market places him at the head of the pack.
Forex traders from around the world rely on Mark McRae when it comes to instruction on how to approach the market in new ways.

Once again Mark is stirring up excitement by presenting something new to the trading market. He is also adding to the excitement by opening up his Surefire Contest once more to competitors from all over the globe. Winners in this contest are judged by their expertise in devising formulas and generating profit margins that are superior to those of the hundreds of other contestants entering this championship.

So when it comes to creating reliable instructional manuals or trading competitions, Mark McRae stands above the herd.

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