The Surefire Trading Contest Rewards

June 28, 2009


The competition is open once again for the Surefire Trading Contest! The contest is open to traders the world over, but only six will be winners. Three of these will be live traders and the other three will be demo traders. The winners will receive monetary rewards as well as have their contact information, trading strategies and video testimonials added to Surefire’s Traders Secret Library.

Each of the six winning traders must have verifiable profit margins and formulas. Anyone without legitimate documentation and profit records is disqualified.

Mark McRae is in charge of the contest. He is a seasoned and highly respected forex trader with years of trading experience. He is a noted instructor. His numerous eBooks and video tutorials attest to his professional standing in the forex community. When McRae announces the re-opening of his trading contest, excitement runs throughout the trading community.

Winners know that their status instantly cranks up a few notches and that they are now in an elite group of traders that are sought out by others for consultation and advise. The doors burst open. Lectures, infomercials and webinars become part of the rewards for winning.

Since enrollment in this competition can be in the hundreds, early enrollment is advised since, as in the past, limits must be imposed on the number allowed in. McRae controls when and if the contest will re-open.

Even if you are not a winner in the contest, by enrolling you become a Surefire member and have access to the Traders Secret Library. This library contains one of the world’s largest collections of eBooks, video tutorials and testimonials. Not only do you have access to the winners’ formulas, contact information and documentation, but you also have live access to numerous professional traders.

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