The Trump Taj Mahal: One of the Best

June 15, 2009




            The Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City is one of the premiere gaming destinations within the city. Atlantic city has become the gambling destination of choice in the eastern part of the country, and it is through the availability of the great full featured resorts casino/hotel combination facilities like the Taj Mahal which has made Atlantic city a true rival, or alternative closer to home, to the most famous gambling resort destination in the world, which is of course, Las Vegas.  By providing an alternative to Sin City out East, Atlantic City helps to provide a more accessible and affordable destination to those who live out East.


            The Taj Mahal Atlantic City Casino is a Trump Property, and the facility makes every attempt to live up to that massive reputation, and better yet, succeeds in almost every way. This is a true, full scale resort hotel and casino that provides people with all of the luxury that they expect.  Best of all, there are a variety of options for your stay at the hotel that ensures that everyone can enjoy a taste of the luxury of a Trump property without having to spring for a penthouse sized bill. Make no mistake, there are penthouse suites, and they are spectacular, but for those who want a luxury holiday at an affordable price, there are hundreds of rooms available at reasonable rates that provide exactly that.


            In addition to the over 1250 fantastic rooms and suites which are available, the Taj Mahal Atlantic City also offers some of the best gaming to be offered in this premium gaming destination.  The gaming at the casino is so well received by the players who come to pay the Casino a visit that it was voted the “Best Casino” by Casino Players Magazine. The gaming floor features the best in casino gaming containing banks upon banks of slot machines, table games of all varieties, a Baccarat Pit, Keno, a fantastic poker room, and more. Regardless of what game makes you feel lucky, you can find it at this hotel.


            The Taj Mahal in Atlantic City has built a reputation to such a size that it is quickly becoming one of the ‘must see’ casinos for gaming enthusiast. For those who have taken the time to compile a list of the best casinos in the world to play at in the future, the Taj Mahal in A.C. Is an almost essential addition to any such list.


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