The Truth About Sports Betting

March 24, 2009


Kevin McLeod asked:

Can you make money on sports betting?

We have all seen the adverts, or the websites telling us that fortunes can be made betting on your favourite sport! Statements like ‘I made a million, so can you’ or ‘leave your job today and make your fortune in gambling’. If, like me you have been fooled in to buying these so called ‘miracle systems’ then you will know the disappointment of reading over them to find that to make the money the systems claim is there for the taking would take enormous amounts of luck to say the least.

Some of the systems I have seen are the laughable multi team accumulator; you have probably seen them too. It will require you to bet on around 15 matches (all sure things!) and place a small amount to win £1000’s. People, of course have won the odd accumulator and the bookies (bookmaker) actually love that they have. Now that might seem like a silly statement, the bookies like people to win??? Surely not? Well look at it this way, if one person wins an accumulator bet and gets publicity about it, other people are then encouraged to try it, after all this person won so why can’t I? 999,999 times out of a million these people will lose their money and the bookie wins.

There are also new spates of systems that require you to place various bets during the course of a match depending on how the game is going. You may have purchased one of them, they go something like this… At the start of the game bet on team A to win, then when team A scores double your original bet and place this money on team B to draw, if team B then scores bet again on team A with 75% of the original bet and then if Team A scores again bet on Team B to win with 4 times the original bet. Confused? You will be.

These are just two examples of systems that you can buy online today that in, my opinion, will make you no money at all.

Another thing to consider is that around 90% of betting systems are scams, or are made up of old systems and rehashed, repackaged and sent out again. Be very wary of any system that guarantees you to win 100% of the time. Unless that system is arbitrage then it is not true and is a scam. Arbitrage (for those readers that don’t know) is the system of using different bookmakers odds on a sporting event to cover all outcomes without the possibility of losing. This doesn’t happen very often over a sporting year and there can be a very small window of opportunity to make money on each event as the bookmakers realise and change the odds. Large money can’t be made this way and you are betting of sticking with your 9 – 5 job!

If all sports betting systems worked there would be no bookmakers as they would all be out of money. Methods of presenting systems may be getting more sophisticated but the systems are the same.

A popular system you may of come across is basically keep doubling your bet until you win! People actually sell this as a ‘system’ it is common sense that if you keep doubling your bet to cover a previous losing bet you will eventually win and be back in the black. But what is not commonly thought of is that if you had 10 losses in a row and your first bet was only £1 or $1 you would be betting over £1000 or $1000 to try and get back to winning ways and if you were unlucky enough to get to 14 straight loses it would cost you over £8000 or $8000 to try and get back to winning ways. You can see that very quickly you could lose a lot more than your savings.

The general rules of betting which should never be ignored are very simple.

1. Never bet money you can’t afford to lose

2. Never chase a loss

3. There is no such thing as a sure thing

There are very few systems out there that encourage you to embrace these simple rules. If they don’t follow those rules don’t buy them and if you do buy them ask for your refund. Also be wary of systems that don’t offer a money back guarantee of at least 60 days. You must have a period to test the system if there is no chance of a test period, don’t buy the system. I encourage you to paper bet before betting with money. Paper betting is learning the system and writing down what bets you would of placed without actually placing money on them. This can be frustrating as you may miss potential wins but the testing period is essential to make sure the system works without costing you money.

Another sign of whether a system is worth what you are paying for it is simple, is there any statistical proof of winnings? Obviously very few people will tell you what games they bet on until you buy the system but once you have bought the system can you answer yes to this question? Does the system provide a recent list of bets placed and results that are fully checkable? If the answer is no then ask for your refund there and then. Systems that worked in 2003 or 1993 might not work in 2007.

Also check the rules for internet betting in your country, especially if you are in the USA after the recent change in the law there.

My particular area of expertise is football or soccer betting. There is only one system out of the 1000’s out there that I can recommend looking at. It offers a 90 day money back guarantee and full current proof of betting and adheres to the basic rules of betting I mentioned earlier. It is proving extremely profitable for football (soccer) betting and could be used for other sports as long as you know the sport you intend to bet on. I strongly advise using paper betting even with this system and be sure to use the guarantee if you feel that it hasn’t worked (that is what it is there for!) Do you know that 95% of us will not ask for our money back even if we know we have a legitimate reason for requesting a refund! To learn more about this system click or copy and paste this link and take a look for yourself

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