Things to Consider for Backpacking Sleeping Bags

October 26, 2009


Nothing is more wonderful then backpacking, camping, or hiking but when sleeping outdoors backpacking sleeping bags become the most important purchase.  The purchase would be based on the type of weather expected, helping you choose between a down fill or synthetic bag.  With the right purchase, you would find your
next backpacking trip enjoyable, regardless of the weather.

All types of backpacking sleeping bags have a special rating, which is based on outside temperature.  When looking to buy a new bag, you always want to purchase one that is rated to handle temperatures at least 10 degrees colder than what you expect to face.  The result would be having a warm, comfortable place to sleep.  However, if the sleeping bag offers too much space inside, you would not be kept warm.

This means as you look at the various types of backpacking sleeping bags, it is imperative that you choose one that would fit the body.  That way, extra room inside the sleeping bag would not have to be heated and a quick-pull zipper would allow you to get inside quickly.  Today, options for backpacking sleeping bags are amazing, offering options for comfort and weight but also different weights.  For instance, if you expect to be outside in a part of the country with high humidity levels, a synthetic bag would make more sense.

Of course, you will discover both good and bad for down filled and synthetic backpacking sleeping bags.  One consideration would be the weight of the bag.  After all, trying to hike or backpack with a tent, supplies, and the sleeping bag is going to be a challenge so choosing a lightweight bag would make the trip more enjoyable.

Sleeping Bag Types

The most important thing for comfort and warmth is to choose the right bag for the situation.  Without a good night’s sleep, you would be exhausted, having trouble enjoying the outdoor experience.  Backpacking sleeping bags are made for adults and children, some of the best for the entire family being 3M Thinsulate Lite Loft and Polarguard HV.

Benefits of a Down Fill Sleeping Bag

For the ultimate experience while spending time outside, one of the best down fill bags is made with Climashield Prism insulation.  This particular bag is well insulated but it also weighs just two pounds.  You will also find some down fill bags have a
zipper that glows in the dark, built-in pockets that make it easy to carry smaller items, and a shell that is completely water resistant.

Synthetic Sleep Bags

Synthetic sleeping bags are another option.  These bags weight very little, making them ideal for backpackers and hikers.  Synthetic backpacking sleeping bags are also made to stay dry in damp or wet environments whereas one filled with down would become wet.  The only negative aspect of the synthetic bag is that they are not as high quality as a down-filled bag, which means even with a low price, you would not get the same amount of wear.

Now, synthetic backpacking sleeping bags have changed over the years.  Early models were cheap and not good for warmth but now, you will find wonderful options that are both comfortable and warm.  For instance REI premium bags are lightweight but they also provide a means for getting a good night’s sleep.  Some are rated to handle 25 and 40-degree temperatures, as well as damp weather, such as Aura.

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