Tips On Finding Birds For Birding

June 5, 2009


Birds are creatures of habit, so it doesn’t matter if you are traveling far away from home, or walking in your neighborhood, knowing the habits of certain birds will increase the likelihood of your being able to sight them.  Learn when and where birds like to show up.  You can find this information in a field guide for birds.   A little bit of insight may give you a big advantage in catching a glimpse of an unusual bird.This is great information for bird watching for beginners.

As urban sprawl eats up wooded areas it is often difficult to find a place to bird watch, especially in the city.  You may, however, find that there are city and neighborhood parks with enough woods to attract birds.  These could be good spotting sites, as could the fringes of any wooded areas that still remain near your home.

Coastal living or coastal visits allow for a diversity of bird sightings.  Beach lovers, sun bathers, and bird watchers will all flock toward the ocean, so make sure you arrive early to be able to park and find a space that is ideal for bird sighting.  Habitats are a bit different along different areas of the coast.  However, in general you can expect to find sandpipers, plovers, and other shorebirds.  You are also likely to spot heron and egrets.

People who live near marshes, bogs, or flooded areas get tired of mosquitoes and bugs.  The good news is that where there are bugs there will be birds.  Mosquitoes and other insects make great food for birds.  In these areas look for birds like bitterns, blackbirds, wrens, sparrows, flycatchers, and warblers.

There are also some man-made areas that are excellent for bird watching.  If there is a dam near your home, scout it out during the winter for non-migratory birds.  The flowing water around dams is alluring to birds.  When all else fails and you still haven’t found the birds you are looking for, get outside and look some more.  Often, you may spot a prize bird in the least expected location.

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