Tips on How To Ride A Wakeboard

July 23, 2009


Learn to Ride a Wakeboard by getting your basics right

Despite the risk involved in wakeboarding, there’s no harm in wanting to learn to ride a wakeboard and get the stirring taste of this preferred water sport. Just like any sport or adventure, wakeboarding too has some basic tricks to supply that when totally mastered can transform you into a wakeboarding pro. The secret of enjoying wakeboarding is to feel cosy doing it.

When you learn to ride a wakeboard, the first thing is to choose that will be your leading foot. The ‘lead foot’ is the one you put forward while riding a wakeboard and this alone could determine how successfully you may surf the wake. Finding out the lead foot needs a simple exercise. Just ask someone to offer you a push from behind and observe which foot comes up naturally to stop your falling, for that one should be the lead foot.

You can do this in one more way. Spread some water upon a polished floor and walk over it to chance on a slip. While you’ll be sliding and falling, one of your feet will instinctively come up to catch you from falling. After you have found out your ‘rescuer’ lead foot, you can go forward and consider the other aspects needed to be taught how to ride a wakeboard, specifically getting up on the wakeboard, staying on it, and riding it.

When you ride a wakeboard, the things that will keep you soundly attached to it are the wakeboard bindings. Always check that you are tightly attached to your board before venturing out in the waters. Next, you should focus on the right way to get up on the board. You can prevent falling off from a speeding boat by lying back in the water with your wakeboard in front of you.

This mechanism works because of the virtual weightlessness in the water. Start by developing a squatting position by positioning your knees, arms, and hands for getting a sitting ride. Maintain this posture for some time after the boat has started and presumed speed. By keeping your toes in a pointed state, soon you may find your body immediately pulled on top of the wakeboard

Once you gain confidence about your position on your board, maintain your balance by putting more weight on your back foot. This will point your wakeboard towards the boat and steadily pull you up on your feet. If you’d like to learn to ride a wakeboard as assuredly as other riders, keep your shoulders squared with the boat and your knees bent forward to soak up the jerks. Don’t forget to clasp the wakeboard handles low near the hip of your lead leg.

After getting your wakeboarding timing and approach right, target getting the right wakeboard gear. A large, broad wakeboard with good back fins, a short rope measuring 15 meters and a buoyancy vest are a selection of the basic equipments required for successful wakeboarding. It is similarly necessary to start in a slow pace and increase the rate of the wakeboard boat continuously, keep your front and back feet at proper angles and place your arms coordinated with the knees.

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