Tips on Wakeboard Fins

July 22, 2009


The wakeboard fins remain concealed in the water and folk have a tendency to overlook them, but it is a known fact that fins are an integral part of wakeboarding as they maintain the soundness and balance of the wakeboard rider and propel the wakeboard. The wakeboard fins make ‘drags’ that pulls down the back of the wakeboard to track the surface of the water. Wakeboards are made of aluminum, which makes them sturdy and powerful but lightweight. Wakeboard fins are typically made from aluminum but today fiberglass is also used for making wakeboard fins.

There are differing sorts of fins available and each fin serves some unique purpose, therefore you must know what fin is good for what before you purchase one for yourself. Sometimes , a massive fin will suit those who need to have more drag as it digs deeper and provides more balance over the water surface. However, a little wakeboard fin helps a lot in having quicker reactions and sharper turns.

Different sorts of fin configuration

There are even more varieties of fin configuration that you have to know, so that when you purchase one, it completely suits your needs. One such fin configuration is the ‘singles’ that is made of one center fin on the 2 ends. This particular configuration help to maneuver turns simply and the likelihood of catching is much lesser than multi fin. Another critical thing of wakeboarding is that you should select bigger single fins when you go into coarse waters.

The ‘quad tips’ are another variety of fin configuration, which makes use of four fins with two fins on both sides of the rope. This configuration proves to be the best for faster and tighter turns but it may feel a little loose while negotiating turns.

The ‘six fins’ is another configuration that helps to provide better speeding up during turns and supply a detachable center fin useful for coarse waters.

The ‘molded-in fin’ provides virtue of maximizing the grasp on the edge that helps the rider to have a better control of the wakeboard. Likewise , this configuration is also provided with a removable center fin that makes it serviceable in coarse waters as well as smooth waters.

These various types of configuration are selected according to the preferences. Remember, irrespective of what configuration you choose, you’ve got to be happy with it because if you are not be ready to maintain your balance correctly over water and it will not be a delightful experience.

However, these differing kinds of fins work best when you gather some experience in wakeboarding but if you are a novice, then the general ramp style fun is the best, to start with because it has a universal shape and may be used for a number of riding styles. The significancy of wakeboard fins in wakeboarding can be understood from the straightforward fact that possessing a few set of fins can basically offer you a flexible wakeboarding experience. It is in fact, equivalent of having a collection of complete boards.

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