Tips to taking stunning portraits

October 12, 2009


One of the most common ways to take a picture is a portrait.Portraits are those pictures where you have the subject usually in a pose.  Since it is so common a lot of times you don’t see a variety.But if you try and use a little more creativity you can make the average shots so much better.With this article I would like to share with you some things you can do to make them better.

First thing you will want is maybe having the perspective of the shot from a different angle.What I am referring to is to have the photo taken in a different way not the normal way people would do it.You can make where the picture is coming from different.  This is helpful in my San Diego photographer business.  People are so used to seeing photos taken that look the same that when you change it up a little bit it makes big difference.Take some photos you take from a higher angle.Or you can take a photograph that is common and make it different by shooting it from the ground looking up.It can really change the photograph dramatically.

Another way to change things up a bit is by doing some things with the eyes.In general all pictures are taken by having the subject look directly at the camera.But where you direct the subject’s eye can really make a dramatic difference in the photo.  What you can do is have the subject look off camera.This makes such a difference in the look and feel of it all. Doing a lot of event photography San Diego I have my subjects do this all the time.

Another trick you might want to try is getting the subject to look at something with the picture.This is so effective if your goal is to advertise something.  You can have the subject staring at the product you are advertising.  This is a trick that I do a lot as a San Diego commercial photographer.It makes a huge difference by centering the attention onto the product.

So those are some tips you can do to really make your common photos uncommon.

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