Toy Helicopters are Very Variable Choose Your Purchase Wisely and They are Great Fun

May 15, 2009


Funny Video of a Toy Helicopter Inexpertly Flown!

If you want a rc helicopter, or wish to buy one for a friend, be sure to ask yourself which type you want first?”. Now, don’t let me disappoint you, but the quality of these toys varies widely and some are not much fun to fly. In fact if you fail to answer this question and do some good research before you buy, then you might well end up with a one-time flying experience.

In other words, there is a very real possibility that after you have bought and first flown your radio-controlled helicopter, you might not be able to fly it again. Now we will tell you what you need to know so that you can be sure to get the best helicopter for your requirements.

If you have not yet flown an rc helicopter, then you should settle for a type that is easy to fly. The best type for a novice flyer is a small electric radio-controlled heli-copter and one made strongly to withstand a lot of crashes before it gets damaged. This is how you avoid damaging it before you can learn the basic joy-stick controls.

Beginning your flying with a strong, but not very life-like copter works well for those who would like later on, to take rc helicopter flying a hobby. Most electrically powered radio-controlled helicopters are also quiet. You are not likely to be on the receiving end of complaints from next door, with this type of ‘copter, and then it is for you.

The next step up is a gas powered rc helicopter once your skill is improved enough to fly a more powerful engine powered one.

Over the last five years the toy industry has perfected table toy sized, counter-rotating rotor bladed and gyroscopic fly-bar type rc models.

These, you will find, will let you hover your ‘copter around your house and land on the furniture after even a short practice period.

Each model plane arrives fully assembled with a brightly colored motif and looks very smart. Getting a hang of the 3D controls is hard at first, but soon most people can control up, down, right, and left using the radio controller. Then there are also additional contros for foward movement, hovering, and backward motion.

Have fun!

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