Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen – Movie Review

August 17, 2009


It’s no hush-hush that I loved Michael Bay’s first stab at the transformers license so the last pair of weeks I have been abundantly anticipating this movie rendition some of the movie critics opinions conversely I was concerned that vengeance of the fallen was going to be a ghastly motion picture nonetheless my recovered sense was potent me that this movie was being bashed on so much because of Michael Bays sorority with it.

MichaelBay may not be the best story banker vibrant he may not even be a good one but he surely knows how to make a good proceedings picture Bad Boys, Armageddon, Pearl Harbour and The Rock are good examples of Bay’s prodigious raid sequences.

Since the first Transformers movie stuff have progressed a bit and the Autobots (good Guys) have teamed up with the U.S Army to fight the remaining Decepticons (bad guys) that have taken cover and are hitting in plain sight on our world world world As for the Humans in the story Sam has made his way to institution while Mikaela has stayed at the back to work in her father’s auto garage fixing motorcycles and commonly being paid hot and oily which will no doubt consider the older boys in the pictures.

When old enemies seek revenge it is up to Sam, Mikaela, the Auto Bots and the full U.S Army to save the day.

largelythis movie isn’t so various from the essential the plot is beautiful much the same as both the good guys and bad guys are struggling over some sort of work of art that will give them fantastic power and with it they will be able to rule the the human race The typescript in this movie are also like to the first movie Sam comes off as a funny and charming Teen while Mikaela oozes with sexiness.

This is the continuation to an stirring movie so I kindly estimated Bay to go all out with his explosions and lawsuit and he sure does save I favored the first transformers movie on the other hand That doesn’t mean this film is bad it just lacks a definite magic that I deem the first one had, I certainly enjoyed Transformers 2 and vastly look ahead to the third in the trilogy.

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