Try Your Luck and Walk Away a Winner

June 15, 2009


When looking for the right hotel in Vegas, there are a few different things that you can do. Either win the Florida lottery and then find the most expensive hotel available, or start searching for a hotel that suits your needs and also fits within your budget. While the majority of us are probably hoping to win the big jackpot, for most of us finding a hotel within our budget is the most important thing. However we also always want to try to get the most for our money. This is the reason we have decided to put together some great information that will hopefully help you make your final decision a little easier.


The first consideration that you are going to want to make is what area of the city that you would like to stay. If you would prefer downtown for instance, you can already narrow your search significantly. Since there are so many different hotels and casinos in Vegas, the decision can often be quite daunting. We have gone through many of the hotels within the average person’s price range and found The Fitzgerald Hotel located in downtown Vegas. The fact of the matter is that many of the hotels in downtown Vegas with affordable rates often have accommodations that are a little less than luxurious. However the Fitz really shined in this regard offering spacious, up to date, and luxurious suites at a fraction of the price of anything comparable. This is perhaps the biggest motivating factor for those that have chosen to spend their vacation at the Fitz.


Although The Fitzgerald is a great option for those that are interested in staying downtown, if you would prefer to be right on the strip, prepare to pay. The hotels located on the strip are much more expensive than the hotels downtown. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that many people regret staying on the strip as hotels downtown such as the Fitz are often just as luxurious for a fraction of the price. The smaller hotels downtown also usually provide much better service, as they are caring for a considerably less amount of guests. These are the precise reasons that most people will be able to benefit from, at the very least, considering the hotels downtown before putting out all that money for an expensive hotel on the strip that may not provide you with much more.

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