Vegas Offering Special Incentives for Travelers

May 16, 2009


In the old days, Las Vegas was all about enticing the players to do just that, play. Free food and drinks were customary as long as you were playing, and this business model worked well for years and years.  The model has changed dramatically over the years, but now economic times are forcing the hotels to
put together more attractive packages and deals in order to entice people back to Vegas.

As a gaming destination, Las Vegas is it. It is the godfather of casino towns, there can be no doubt about that. However, the rising cost of playing and staying in Las Vegas has led to flocks of people choosing other, more exotic locations, such as Macau, for some of their gambling excursions. However, most gamblers agree that you still can’t find a better game than in Las Vegas.

That is why the major hotels are now coming up with new ways to make staying in Vegas as attractive as playing in Vegas. One such package that garnered a lot of attention was the package offered by the Luxor Las Vegas. For a price of $210 you get a room, an all you can eat pass to the buffet, a pair of tickets to each of, “Bodies”, “Titanic: The artifact Exhibition” and the Criss Angel show. With spa passes and VIP passes included as well, this makes this package one of the best deals going in town.  But the Luxor Casino Las Vegas is not the only one offering special incentives, many other casinos and resorts are as well.

The best part is that with new deals like this being offered by the major hotels, everyone else is going to have to follow suite in order to remain competitive. This means that people can watch for more and more attractive deals to be coming from other major players on the strip that offer similar inclusive
packages like the Rio Casino Las Vegas Nevada, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, or even the New York Casino Las Vegas.

So people can once again be sure they’re going to get value for their dollar in Las Vegas. That allows them to go back to focusing on what the town’s reputation was built upon: the gaming. With the worldwide increase in popularity of poker, the town is hotter than ever if you’re looking for a game of
cards. The casinos all have their regularly scheduled events as well as many international televised poker tournaments happening in town as well, proving that there is no place to go if you’re looking to gamble that can ever beat Vegas hotels and casinos. Free drinks and food might not be back, but the focus is starting to shift back to the tables where it belongs.

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