Visit Sam’s Town Vegas for Your Next Vacation

June 25, 2009


When it comes time to plan your next family vacation or romantic getaway for you and your partner, there are many great options to consider. For some, the best option might be to visit a more cliché tourist destination such as Vegas. If so, you may want to consider the newly renovated Sam’s Town Vegas Casino and Hotel. This great establishment is relatively new in comparison to many of the other popular casinos and has received many desirable upgrades to the accommodations. Although the upgrades made to the suites and the gaming floors have been quite considerable, the prices have certainly not be raised to reflect this. It remains one of the most affordable luxury hotels and casinos in Vegas. If you have already decided on Vegas, Sam’s Town should definitely be on your short list of casinos and hotels.


If Vegas is something that you would rather try and avoid, but you still want to enjoy some quality Vegas style gambling, you should consider the San Manuel Casino in Highland, CA. Although the area isn’t specifically known for its casinos like Vegas is, this incredible casino provides an atmosphere that rivals the most established casinos in Nevada. With a ton of great special offers, giveaways, and discounts for families and large groups, it’s no wonder why so many people have been making return trips to this high-class casino. Don’t worry about your accommodations in terms of finding a hotel; the casino has many partnerships with quality hotels in the area that will allow you a discount for being a guest of the casino. This is something you will want to discuss with the casino prior to booking your vacation.


A great alternative to the casino and hotel environment in Vegas is the San Remo Grand Hotel in San Remo, Italy. If you are not one to indulge in the extravagant glitz and glam of Vegas, the peaceful, serene environment of this luxurious hotel will be a definitely welcome change of pace. This hotel is world renowned for its accommodations and service and many individuals have been making return trips because of it. Italy is a destination that most people will want to visit once in their lifetime and the scenic, idyllic setting of the Grand Hotel will create the perfect backdrop for Italian vacation memories. Bookings do not come easy for this hotel these days due to its rise in popularity so be sure to book your rooms as earlier as possible.

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