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July 23, 2009


The new ergonomic wakeboard handles makes wakeboarding real fun

You can make your grip firm and have a better control of wakeboarding by employing the just developed wakeboard handles. These new ergonomic handles also include boosted material for more comfortable grips. The wakeboard handles are nearly 13-15 inches wide. These wakeboard handles are much wider than the water ski handles which are around 11-12 inches wide. The wider handles help you to perform tricks with ease and even the difficult tricks, which require the wakeboard rider to pass the handle behind the back, can be done with comprehensive ease.

The wider grips are much more advantageous in many ways as they boast a more specialized design than the water ski handles and so helps to perform tricks and maneuvers simply. Wakeboard handles are usually attached with a towrope for the rider to keep hold onto. Likewise , some are supplied with a 2nd smaller handle to help you get an even stronger hold. The specifically designed wakeboard handles are generally added with neoprene froth to make the handle float.

Different kinds of wakeboard handles

You can get the new genus of wakeboard handles, made of aluminum bar to offer an EVA grip, which is thicker, softer but not massive at the same time. There are also new styles of handles with anti-roll arms with curved, thin and rounded edges. These anti-roll arms are helpful during faster movements as these require minimum efforts.

You can also go for wakeboard handles, which are made from woven carbon fibers to provide perfect strength and rigidity. Likewise , these handles with a cutting edge design does not weigh more than of a pound. The special design makes it simple for you to store the rope simply. All you need to do is wrap your rope round the handle. It is an engaging gear, as the coloured carbon handle looks fabulous even when it is out of the water.

Some of the handles colored in red with cardinal carbon are simple to identify in water. The EVA design with a corporate grip makes it engaging to the eye too. You may actually enjoy the comfort of the grips, as these handles are provided with thru-hole together with a center attachment to provide better stability. If your wants are little different then try the Union grip with Sapphire Carbon and reduce forearm fatigue. as the looks are the brilliant blue and crisp white is just what the doctored ordered.

The newly designed carbon fiber handle minimizes the handle roll by running 3 inches past the end cap. It is one the lightest handles available. Another sort of handle is the one with a waffle grip under the fingers. The textured pattern augments the comfort and the grip. With these handles, you can truly carry out the toughest of tricks with ease. You can also try the wakeboard handles, which possess a special feature of becoming stickier as water is squeezed out of your hand. They will surely make your wakeboarding experience much more cushty and satisfying.

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