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May 6, 2009


There was a humongous upswing in poker play in the last 10 years. From seemingly out of nowhere, the poker world has turned into an impressively strong, and highly profitable industry. This article will discuss why people like poker, and what has caused it to become so popular.

Why do so many people seem to like poker? We can point to certain things about the game that peak our interest in the game of poker. Read below to see a list of reasons that tell us why lots of people enjoy playing poker.

We see a number of different head games that are a big part of the game of poker. This shows up in various forms, including how you make people feel at the table. Then there is the fun of trickery, and also of figuring out what your opponent is holding.

Poker is one of the few “gambling games” that is really a skill game in the long run. With the huge prizes, many players enjoy tournament poker now. Poker seems to have an unlimited variety of situations to solve. This makes poker a lot of fun.

Poker has really taken of in popularity. Why did this happen? Poker boomed, but why? Three events in particular caused an explosion. A man invents a way to see a player’s hole cards, the Internet finds poker, and an unknown wins the biggest poker tournament in the world. These are the three things that lead to the poker boom.

In 1995 Henry Orenstein received a patent for his hole card cam idea. The invention made it so that people watching a televised poker event would be abele to see what the players down cards are. This gave the audience a much better perspective on the play of the hand.

Next we see people playing poker in cyberspace, as online poker begins. Internet poker rooms are 24/7, and you can be anywhere and play. More and more people start coming to the tables due to Internet poker sites.

The “hole card cam” era helps poker dramatically increase in the TV ratings. Now, more people are watching and playing poker than ever before. So, this sets the stage for what might be called the catalyst to the poker boom.

In 2003, with what was a huge field at that time of over 800 players, an unknown amateur beat all the pros, and won over 2.5 million dollars, at the WSOP Main Event. The TV coverage drew a large audience thanks to pocket cam. With people seeing that anyone can win millions at a poker tournament, poker boomed.

Poker players have become celebrities from all the TV coverage. Thanks to the perfect timing of these events, poker is generating huge amounts of money. This growth has shown no signs of slowing just yet.

It seems clear that these were the three key events that started the poker boom. The amount of online poker activity is overwhelming, and live play sees record numbers as well. Poker has become so popular it is hard to imagine things slowing down anytime soon.

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