Ways on finding a good marriage therapist

September 18, 2009


Asking for others’ help is one of the toughest things that a couple will do when experiencing marriage problems.Seeking a marriage counselor’s help is one example of this.But how do you look for someone that can really address your problems as a couple when you already have the courage to look for help.That is a hard question to ask.  But when your marriage is on the line you want to answer it right. 

So what are the basis for one to qualify as a good marriage counselor?  In my marriage counselor San Diego service I try to answer that for all my clients.My answers would be dependent on what they want to find or what they are looking for.  The reason why I say that is because ultimately both people will need to trust the therapist.Because if they don’t have any trust in the counselor then there will be no solution to their problems as a couple.But if they have trust in the counselor then that will do wonders for their relationship. Without trust one or both of the parties will not work positively towards a solution.

Another thing that I have learned helping with couples counseling San Diego is experience.  Most couples I run across want someone experienced.It makes sense because an experienced marriage counselor have the know how in dealing with different kinds of marriage problems. And that experience will enable the counselor to provide solutions to different kinds of problems. Of course it makes it hard for newer therapists to try and gain it but it is what people look for.

Finally doing San Diego marriage counseling has allowed me to see that most couples want someone with the same values. In other words there are different therapy techniques.But if the technique that is being taught to them is contrary to what they firmly believe in then it definitely will not work.So you should want to seek a counselor or therapist that has the same views as you.This will build a relationship that will work and help you out as couples.

These are some of the things couples look for when they want help.Of course, it does not tackle everything that is needed but it will be a good guide in finding good marriage counselors.And that is what couples going through marriage problems want.

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