Ways To make Your Relationship Survive Post Affairs

August 19, 2009


Any relationship is built on faith and trust on each other. But an affair can easily break especially when issues of loyalty are bought into question and can ruin the relationship in a minute. To make or break this relationship is really in your hand now. You can again get back the confidence of your partner but then the road will be very touch.

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Here is a guideline to show how to bridge the gap that has crept between two partners due to affair relationship. For this you have to be faithful from your heart else you’ll never be able to win back your partner’s trust. 

The first thing you to need to do is admit your affair. Relationships are built on belief, and you can’t have trust when you’re lying to the other person. Not telling them is lying, a lie of omission. You need to tell them if they don’t know, even though it is going to hurt.

There is another benefit of telling the truth beforehand. First is that you been unfaithful to your partner and now you are being honest with him or her. The second is before your partner finds out about your affair, which will be very painful for him or her to bear, you must confess.

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Be brave enough to take the blame of this affair even if your partner’s action or behavior may have instigated you to choose that path. Whatever it is, after all you are at fault as you have been unfaithful and not your partner. Though it is the basic human nature to put the blame on others, but you must understand that here in this case, you have to accept your mistakes as it is you who has cheated.

Then you need to apologize. What you’re looking for here is a complete admission and a sincere forgiveness. You need to make sure that they know that you are truly repentant and regret what you did. Don’t try to explain, just let them know how you feel.  

Go slow and don’t expect forgiveness immediately. Don’t forget you have broken the trust and it takes long time to get back the trust which you have broken into pieces in no time. Let them accept the fact. Be cool and be supportive. They will come to you when they feel they are ready for the reconciliation.

Now your goal is to win back the lost trust. Don’t expect your partner to behave in the same manner as he or she used to do till now. Things have been different for both of you and only time can bring you close once again.

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