Ways to manage a person’s anger

October 1, 2009


One of the things that everybody experiences is anger.  Everyone loses their control over their emotions at some point in their lives.It is but natural to happen.What’s not good about it is when they become angry always.  That is when it can become hurtful to those you love.It can hurt not just a person’s emotional state but also the physical aspect.Knowing that it could affect other people here are some tips in controlling your anger.

Controlling one’s anger is difficult to do.  That is why my anger management counseling practice gets so many people with anger issues.  But there is hope.Even if it seems like it is uncontrollable there are ways to control it.First thing you can do is to admit that you are undergoing stress.Stress is one of the causes of uncontrollable anger.By acknowledging the fact that you are stressed you will know what to do when you are getting agitated again.

Another way in dealing with anger is to know how to respond without reacting first.  It is one of the biggest techniques I teach for my family counselor San Diego practice.What I mean by that is that you should think first before reacting to something.By thinking about the situation and thinking about how you will react will lead to better response.So that your reaction would make the situation better rather than make it worse.

Another cause of anger is depression.More often than not, people affected with depression becomes angry most of the time.  It leads to anger because a person gets to the point of no hope and becomes angry.  I see this all the time doing depression counselor.So to counter this anger one should solve the root of the problem of that person’s depression. 

Following these few tips would be helpful in your dealing with your anger.Anger can be hard to control.That is why a lot of people suffer from anger issues.But by understanding the problems that affect you, you can fight those emotions off of you.Ans if you can do so you and your loved ones will not be hurt anymore.

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