Wedding Day Photographer Planning

June 3, 2009


When most couples plan their wedding day they take a lot of things into consideration.  They think about coordinating the date for vacation times. Or they coordinate the wedding day for the family to be able to make it into town. Or they make plans according to the availability of the church or restaurant.

But one of the biggest things couples fail to plan for is the photographer.  This is no small matter.  And I am not just saying it because I am a wedding photographer

No planning the wedding day with the wedding photographer in mind could mean all the difference in the world. Especially when you think about the fact the photos are going to be the thing that captures that day for a lifetime.

What are the things to think about when making plans with the photographer in mind.  The time and the date.

First let’s start thinking about the time.  How many couples would want their photographer rushing through the photo shoot? I am pretty confident most couples will not agree to that. 

Without even considering your photographer, a majority of the times most couples do just that. The couple or family basically rush the photographer to try and take all the pictures. 

How so you ask? A good amount of times, for instance, a couple will have a time let’s say 1-2 pm.  With the reception starting at 2:30. How many shots can a photographer make when he only has a half hour to work with? Not that many.

Worse thing to consider, what if he does manage to take all the photos? Do you think they are going to take good quality shots when they are rushed?  Of course not.

So plan the wedding times and the receptions accordingly making sure there is ample time to take photos.

The second thing to think about when doing your planning is to keep the photographer’s availability in mind.

Most probably don’t realize this, but most good photographers will be booked months in advance.  And if you are dealing with let’s say a large photography company, they may have several photographers.

Well without considering your photographers availability on the wedding day could turn into a disaster.  Because if you book that special day and don’t make sure that the actual photographer will be available, when your wedding day comes you might be shocked to find someone totally different.

This happens more than you can imagine when dealing with a big photography company. You may not even realize that they have a staff of photographers and if the photographer you liked is booked, unless you ask, they might not tell you.  When your wedding day comes, they might just outsource their work or a second rate photographer might show up.

So be ready by not letting this happen.Making plans for your wedding day is special. Be sure that you also plan it thinking about your wedding photographer.

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