Weight Loss Statistics That Are Staggering…

August 4, 2009


Over 80% of the worlds population is overweight and out of that 80%, 10% of all overweight people are slightly to morbidly obese. When looking at these staggering statistics it’s no wonder that millions of people throughout the world are obsessed with weight loss. The problem is, the majority of people are going about it the wrong way.

Most people are looking for a miracle weight loss program where they can take a simple pill and watch all their pounds vanish. Others are looking for a simple diet plan that is easy to follow and doesn’t starve them to death. People are always looking the easiest manner in which to lose weight without having to put in much effort.

Similar problems exist in many other aspects of health maintenance as well. For example, most people don’t know that you can rebuild your vision through eye exercises

The problem with 98% of all weight loss programs is that the majority of them declare that you can lose the weight you want by doing nothing more than following them. Though these weight loss programs may prove to shed pounds immediately, they generally fail in the long-term, and weight is regained in little time.

However, you can avoid this return weight gain by doing something very simple: exercising! A diet on its own will fail. The only way to properly keep off the weight is to follow a diet program with exercise. When exercising, the body will begin to work off fat which will form no matter what diet program you are on.

If a diet program promises you that you can expect extreme weight loss and keep it off without doing anything else, then you can automatically assume that the program is not legitimate. Any diet plan that is not followed up with a proper exercise program will always result in failure. That is why nearly 95% of all diet programs fail! The statistics don’t lie when it comes to weight loss.

Be sure to check with your doctor before changing your weight, level of exercise or diet.

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