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October 17, 2009


Most athletes use weightlifting for regular training in order to develop strength and resistance. In the past, lots of coaches believed that weightlifting sports extensive training achieved a bulk of muscle mass without real relevance for the athlete’s performance. Well, those days are long gone. Presently, weightlifting is part of the training routine of athletes, rugby and football players thanks to the now-recognized benefits for athletic performance. We should not discuss weightlifting sports applications only in relation with the use of heavy weights. A more refined approach is necessary for sports that require resistance training.

weightlifting sport

Muscle growth is not an objective or a concern for athletes, and this is not what weightlifting is about. Other elements deserve more attention in all weightlifting sports applications. While some athletes need hypertrophy or bulk muscle mass, others require maximal strength for outstanding performance. Rugby and football players are examples of athletes who use weightlifting sports applications to achieve muscle mass in order to be able to cope with very aggressive body contact. In other cases, very large muscles are a hindrance, and very big fibers do not necessarily stand out for strength as well. The force level is a lot more relevant and this is not expressed in bulk.

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Weightlifting sports sessions should mainly aim at developing endurance, maximum strength and explosive power. The workout efficiency and the exercises economy increase with endurance training. Explosive power will seldom be necessary for an athlete, because one does not need to generate maximum of effort too frequently. If the latent potential is not channeled towards a real sports purpose, it actually remains fruitless.

weightlifting sports

Cycling, swimming, distance running or rowing are just a few athletic instances that require weightlifting sports applications for endurance purposes. By using circuit training most athletes will also avoid the trap of plateaus and will have a good sports evolutions. For athletes that have to undergo specific performance exercises, weightlifting will have to be combined with other strategies and tactics meant to prepare the neuromuscular system for the specific tasks. The athletic success will increase with periodization as well by the enhancement of the muscular capacity for strength generation.

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