What is a role of a midwife in pregnancy

October 2, 2009


Using a midwife is one of the options in delivering a baby.This method is usually done at your own homes.  Plus this method is usually performed naturally.Natural in the sense that no drugs is used during the delivery of the baby.  There are many women who have chosen this method for many benefits.Some benefits they can get are that no drugs are administered during the delivery and that the delivery is done in their homes. So we  shall look at the role of a midwife in delivery.

So first of all let’s define what a midwife is.A midwife is someone who assists pregnant women during their delivery of their babies.They are usually not doctors.  But as a San Diego licensed midwife there is many other things that I know a midwife does.Naturally, they cannot do what a doctor can do but they have a lot of things they can do that can help a pregnant mother.

Most of the time, their jobs concentrate on assisting in the delivery of the babies.But they also give advices and assist during the whole 9 months of pregnancy.And also, they still assist the mothers after the delivery.  So most women who are homebirth midwife San Diego have a huge job when it comes to pregnancy and delivery.  Many women rely on them heavily for care and advice.Although they are not as medically qualified like nurses or doctors, most pregnant women still trust their advice.

But the biggest help of midwives is during the delivery itself.This is more evident in a homebirth.Of course, midwives can help in the hospitals.  But when they are there for a home delivery they truly are given a large responsibility. As I mentioned earlier as a San Diego midwife although not usually a doctor or nurse they do have training medically.This training will make them be ready for any emergency that might arise during the delivery.

So those are some of the roles of a midwife.  As you can see they have a lot of responsibility.  But most women who are midwives perform admirably.  They have successfully helped women for many years.  And as the practice becomes more accepted for many more years to come.

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