What is the Surefire Trading Challenge?

June 28, 2009


Once again Mark McRae has lain down the gauntlet and challenged traders the world over to take up the Surefire Trading Challenge.

The contest entails the participation of contestants in an intense verification process in regard to their trading formulas and profits. The six contestants who demonstrate that they have superior numbers and best trading skills will be declared winners. Their contact information and detailed formulas as well as their trading records will be available to all contestants in Surefire Traders Secret Library. The Surefire Traders Secret Library houses one of the world’s largest trading eBook depositories as well as a phenomenal collection of video tutorials, testimonials and instructions.

The contest is conducted and supervised by Mark McRae. McRae is a highly respected and seasoned forex trader. His is a noted instructor and has written numerous eBooks on trading.

Because of McRae’s stature in the trading community, every time he re-opens his Surefire contest, hundreds of entrants materialize from all over the world. Participation is so intense that enrollment in the contest is often shut down quite quickly. Winners in this contest include three live and three demo traders.

Monetary rewards are not the only benefit to winning this challenge. The prestige accompanying a win in this contest extends beyond the forex community. Often winners become consultants or professional advisers.

Since no one knows when or if Mark McRae will re-open this challenge, professionals advise participation. There are few opportunities to participate in a contest that generates as much excitement or garners as much exchange of trading information as this one. Just being able to consult with other professionals and have access to the Traders Secret Library is enough to entice most traders to compete. Then there is the possibility of becoming a champion.

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