What To Consider? – Billiards Pool Table

August 17, 2009


The billiards becoming more and more popular, so a lot of people searching for billiard accessories and billiard instructions.
A person who is in love with the game of pool will always tell you that having the right set of equipment for it is what helps in the performance of every player. The billiards pool table, the billiard balls, the billiard cues; all play a major role in the performance of a player in the game of pool. The billiards pool table is the main thing we will be talking about here so let’s have a closer look at how one can select the best type of billiards pool table for their game.

The size of the billiards pool table is a very important factor. But before considering the size of the billiards pool table, you ought to measure the room you are planning to keep the table. Once you’ve measured the size of the room and have an idea about the size of the table, keep extra space for the players as they need to move around in order to make the perfect shots.

Most pool tables usually come in 7, 8 or 9 foot measurements. Many players opt for the 8 foot billiards pool table as the ideal size for a home games room. The 9 foot billiards pool table is used in clubs and offices that have a large area of space. The 7 foot table can sometimes be too small.

Lighting is an important factor that must be considered once the purchase of the billiards pool table is done. Usually, the light will be directed from the top, a place centrally located on the pool table.

When it comes to the felt color of the billiards pool table, the traditional colors known by most players have been the green and sometimes blue. But recently, individuals have been using different shades of colors to match their billiards game room.

Experts say that the finish of a billiards pool table says a lot about it. This must be the reason why some people spend hundreds of dollars on it. Hardwood can give one of the best finishes, whilst the more traditional look could be achieved by the use of oak, cherry or walnut. 

The final thing to be considered is the type of material used for the bed that’s underneath the playing surface of a billiards pool table. This of course can be made from wood, slate or by using a synthetic material.

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