What you can do when your relationship falters

July 25, 2009


One of the great things we experience in our lifetimes is the relationships we have.From the wonderful experiences of family relationships to love relationships it is great.  But sometimes a great relationship can turn sour.What used to be something of great happiness can now become so painful and sorrowful.

I have seen this first hand helping people in couples counseling San Diego. What used to be a great loving relationship turns into a constant battle.What used to look so promising and bright is now such a bad outlook.  What happened and what can be done to change it?

That is a major question and one that is going to be hard to address.Most relationships that have problems are going to be different.  But my experience as a marriage counselor San Diego has shown me there are methods you can use to bring out good solutions.

One of the things I help them with is a safe environment.  A lot of times trying to deal with their struggles at home just doesn’t work.  By giving them a place where they can feel safe allows the opportunity to work things out.

One more thing that will help the couple is by being another ear to listen to them.  But not just an ear but an impartial ear.  An ear that will listen to the issues and address them impartially.Accomplishing that can work miracles.  That third person can address the issues apart from a heated argument.  When a couple tries to do it in the heat of battle it just doesn’t work.

Another thing that the couple can be helped with is by teaching them how to listen to each other.  In my practice doing marriage counseling San Diego, I help them develop these skills.These skills teaches them how to listen to each other completely rather than being the one to always win their argument.

In doing this, they are really in a position to face the issue head on. Accomplishing these few tasks can work wonders in a troubled relationship.  I have seen it first hand as a marriage counselor.

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