Where to learn ballroom dancing

June 3, 2009


Credits also go to: Womens Vinyl Laptop Totes. Need a Mid Year Resolution? Learn Ballroom Dancing. Some practice time, a little research and you’ll be rearing to go. The first step is to decide why you want to learn ballroom dancing, whether to dance for the fun of it, or whether you want to learn ballroom dancing for competition’s sake. Having made this choice, you can move on to where you want to learn ballroom dancing. College campuses across the US are guaranteed to have social dancing classes.

But it is not the only place you could look. There will be other less formal, but good enough ballroom dancing lessons in your city.  Once you have enrolled at such ballroom dancing sessions, get yourself a good ballroom dance dress with appropriate shoes.

Attending dance lessons may be the hardest for those with no dance background. What you should remember here is that, even the most professional dancer started out sometime at a beginner’s dance course.

So quit feeling shy or intimated by the crowd and concentrate on the dance steps taught. Carefully observe dance movements and style, whether it is at your ballroom dancing lessons or on television. A faster way to learn ballroom dancing is by watching other’s dance. Attempt more complicated maneouvres only after you are certain you’ve perfected the basic techniques. Once you get a hold of a few basic steps, practice it. This will make you move naturally when you do dance with a partner.

When dancing the ballroom dances, there are certain accepted practices to adhere to. Never decline a request to dance. It is considered good etiquette to always accept a dance.

If you must refuse, then give the asker a reason for it, and be specific. Sit out dances you’re not familiar with rather than getting your partner to teach you mid-dance – you can suggest dancing the next one in this instance. While you aren’t compelled to explain yourself if you don’t want to dance, it’s good manners if you do supply a reason. Being polite is, as always, appreciated on the dance floor.

A handy tip when you learn ballroom dancing is that the first step usually involves the male moving his left foot forward, while the lady moves her right foot back.

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