Why Not Use the Power of Nasal and Sinus Irrigation to Feel Better Today?

October 28, 2009


According to current findings, some medical profession believe that nasal irrigation flushes the mucous from the nose making medication a lot more effective. Flushing also clears allergens and irritants and this reduces the risk of reoccurring infections.

Nasal irrigation could help with sinus pressure, allergic asthma, dryness, cold and flu symptoms, rhinitis, nasal irritations and congestion. Sinus attacks are the number one reason for patients visiting the doctor. More and more people are developing sinusitis due to the increase of pollutants and chemicals released daily into the environment.

Many health care practitioners from many different disciplines recommend cleansing of the nasal passages on a daily basis. Saline is an inexpensive medium that can be used to help with this task. These are available readily at health food stores and from individual health practitioners.

The HydroPulse nasal / sinus irrigator may be a good choice.

The famous Neti pot is the ancient method that many think of when considering nasal and sinus irrigation. For those with chronic sinus issue, daily irrigation may be one thing that can bring a great deal of relief.

Therabreath also makes some products that could be helpful.

Regular irrigation helps to keep the sinus passages free of mucous which in turn helps you breathe freely. Most patients say it is a pleasant and soothing experience. As soon as you experience blocked nasal passages due to being exposed to pollen, dust or other irritants, irrigate and you will have instant relief. Salt as you know is an astringent as well as heals inflamed mucous membranes.

Of course there are many other methods out there. If you do a search you may hear talk of oils and herbs and scents to open these passages. But if the underlying congestion is not removed how can these help for the long term? Doctors are recommending irrigation, not as many recommend these other methods.

[SideNote: Oramd is a completely different product for combatting a different problem called gum disease]

Health practitioners are now starting to realize that not only does irrigation help alleviate sinus problems but may be the solution to help eliminate the symptoms of related diseases. Your nasal passage consists of fine hairs and mucous membranes which trap foreign bodies from entering into our bodies, nature’s protection device. But we can be over exposed to irritants and natures mechanism can’t cope with overload so these harmful irritants pass into the body.

So that is why you must irrigate the sinus nasal passages regularly in order for it to operate efficiently. There are many new techniques used, consult with the professionals and find the best irrigation system that you feel comfortable and do not involve complicated procedures. Learn more on this topic by following the links below.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not seek to diagnose, advice or treat any health condition whatsoever. If you have or think you might have a health condition, contact your primary care physician for diagnosis, advice and treatment. The USFDA has not evaluated statements about any product mentioned in this article.

Author:  Jill Painterson

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