Why Real World Slot Machines Are Not Always Fun

May 21, 2009


Research has shown that slot machines tend to get most of their trade towards the end of the evening, and most, if not all players end up losing, due in many cases to the influence of excess alcohol. Clearly this doesn’t happen at an online casino.

Contrary to popular belief, arcades and amusement parks are not the best places to play cherry slot machines. In fact arcades are probably the worst, simply because the slot machines on these premises are being played all day, and by people who know what they are doing (This can be a good place to watch and learn from others, but experts often don’t appreciate an audience, so be careful who you might bother!).

Another disadvantage of slot machines in arcades and amusement parks, and even travelling fairgrounds, is that they are not as well governed. It is not usual for slot machines at these sorts of venues to have been tampered with illegally. I definitely prefer free slots.

Unfortunately, it does not take a rocket scientist to lower the percentage rate to considerably lower than the 70% requirement, and then to quickly raise it again, when the official inspections are being carried out!

Apart from public houses, other profitable venues to play the cherry slots include: Bingo Halls, Working Mans Clubs, Snooker Halls, Ferries, Motorway Service Stations, and many pub type restaurants are also profitable.

Considering Online gambling instead? You can play Double Diamond Slots, free slot games and more.  There are several casinos that have added download online casinos and deposit bonus online casinos to their already existing brick and mortar casinos, as substantially as countless online-only casinos.  Online casino gaming offers a wide range of single-player as substantially as multi-player games. This is good news for those who like to play for high stakes; they can do so from the privacy and comfort of their residence without having to move around with excess cash.

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