Window Cleaning Streak Free

May 14, 2009


Well the spring time is upon us, well okay, I must confess living in San Diego the weather seems like it is always spring.  What can I say?

Being the owner of a San Diego window cleaning company has it advantages.  But just because the weather is perfect and delightful, does not mean we don’t get dirty windows.

As a matter of fact, because of the beautiful weather, being San Diegans, we take it for granted and assume our windows can’t ever get dirty.  Not so.

Now before I get started, this isn’t just an article for Southern Californians.  These window cleaning tips are for any part of God’s green earth.

Ready for the tips?  Then let’s go.

Can you guess what the main problem is when trying to clean windows?  Those ugly streaks.  We wake up one day feeling great, believing we can take on the world.  So what do we want to take on?  We want to take on our windows.

But, hold on there partner, before you tackle the windows, and I am not saying you can’t.  Make sure you know exactly what you need to do.  And it isn’t that hard.

Ready for the tips?  Here goes in quick fashion.

Now right off the bat, the first thing you will want and need is the right tools for the job.  This isn’t going to be a quick spray and wipedown of your family room glass table.  No, this will be glass that has months of dirt piled on, from the weather all the way to insects and birds making it dirty.

So what is the right equipment?  Well it surely isn’t windex and paper towels.  Nope, all you need to do the job right is a squeegee a spray bottle, and then paper towels.

Put all these tools together, use them correctly and you day of cleaning windows will be a breeze.

Okay, so you have those 3 tools, now what?  Well you are missing one last ingredient.  You are going to need something for that spray bottle.  And what you may ask is this secret ingredient?  It comes in 2 parts.  Ready?  The secret sauce is a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and 2 gallons of water.  Simple, but that is all you will need.  You put all these things together and you will have streak free windows in no time.

Oh snap, one final ingredient I haven’t mentioned yet.  And it is a biggie.  The final ingredient is a lot of elbow grease.

Remember when you were ready to take on the world and windows seemed like no big deal?  Well after the third window or so, you might find the elbow grease running on empty.

Well when you do, don’t forget where you got the advice.  Your wonderful local San Diego window washing company, who won’t mind adding some elbow grease.

Till next time, happy cleaning.

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