Window Cleaning Tips for Cleaner Windows

May 15, 2009


At first glance, window cleaning seems easy enough of a job to do.Ask any teen to do your window cleaning, for pay, and they will gladly jump at the chance to make some money. But the big problem you’ll find, is once they do it, they will probably tell you they won’t ever do that again. The problem with window cleaning however is not in the actual work involved, it’s in how you do it, when you do it, and what tools you use.  Take it from my years as a San Diego Window cleaning company, if you want someone to enjoy cleaning your windows, or if you want to do it yourself, keep some of these tips below in mind.

If you are cleaning your windows directly in the sun, you will see that this causes a bunch of streaks that will seemingly not go away no matter how much you clean them! It’s very frustrating, but knowing something as simple as when to wash them like when the sun passes and is not on the windows, or when the sun is so hot, can save you from a lot frustration.

Some San Diego window washing tips that take the frustration and hassle out of window cleaning are:

The way you hold the squeegee matters!

Now when you are holding the squeegee, be sure that the angle is correct and it is in the directino of the water flow. If the water is flowing down towards your feet, pull the squeegee either sideways allowing the water being squeegeed to flow down to the part you haven’t hit yet. If you find yourself on a rooftop for example and you find the down angle above your head, make sure to squeegee forward so you cause the water to flow to the part untouched. If you go against the flow water will build up and flow out the sides of the squeegee causing streaks.

The wiping of the blade is important!

Some people try to squeegee the whole window one stroke at a time without wiping the blade until the end. This won’t work very well and can make ugly streaks just from the water left on the blade. Every time you go to get that (which is twice in the same spot essentially) you cause another streak.You can avoid this problem by just wiping the blade after each strokeand have the windows washed much faster without wasted steps that you have to go back on.

Overlap the streaks

After every stroke, make the next stroke overlap (about an inch into the dry area) and make your next stroke. If you are pointing the squeegee to make the water fall downward to the part of the window that is wet and you are drying the blade after every stroke, you won’t make
another streak on the window you will have to do over. Don’t be tempted to just squeegee right on the line, this will make splashes right into the dry area and will be very unproductive.

Use plenty of water

If you don’t use plenty of water, you will cause yourself a hard time by making the strokes more dificult rather than smooth strokes with the squeegee. be generous with your water use and always if you can, use sideway strokes on the water that is dripping down towards the wet part of the glass.

So there you have it.  Some easy to apply San Diego window cleaning tips for all you do it your selfers.Follow the steps outlined here and you will be very pleased with how your windows look.

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