WoW has 10 Classes to choose from

June 8, 2009


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WoW has 10 Classes to choose from.  Your character (toon) can be a Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rouge, Shaman, Warlock or Warrior.    The Death Knight is the only class all races can play but you have to already have a level 55 toon before you can make one.  Before picking your class get to know the races and the bonuses they provide. 

Druids are magic users, shape shifters and formidable fighters in their animal or  humanoid forms. 

The Hunter Class uses its pet as the main line of its defense along with its long range weapon but it, too, can be an effective melee fighter. 

The Mage class is the weakest armored one.  They use Nature and Arcane spells to hit a large area of enemies or a single target from a great distance and they can create portals to “port” themselves and others to major cities. 

Paladins wear the heaviest armor, use almost all weapons, heal plus resurrect party members.  They are a blended melee fighter and spell caster. 

The Priest is one of the most powerful healers in WoW and they have good destructive spells.  They also resurrect, shield and add powerful buffs to their party members. 

Rouges are hard to kill.  Their damage is done through poisons and rapid melee attacks while invisible. 

If you want to be a little of everything then consider being a Shaman.  They cast spells and use totems to heal or harm but can be used as a backup tank fighter as well. 

Warlocks are the other class that have a fighting pet but their pets are demons.  Warlocks destroy their enemies from a distance while protecting their party. 

The last class is the Warrior. The warrior is a melee fighting machine, the game tank.  They protect allies and crush foes with multiple tricks.

Each race in WoW allows several choices of class but not every class, except the Death Knight, is available to every race. With all the different races you can blend with different classes, you’ll never run out of characters to play.

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