You Can’t Go Wrong with the Mohegan Sun and Orleans Vegas

June 15, 2009


Casinos entertain millions of people around the globe every night and have been and extremely popular tourist attraction for years. If you are planning on visiting a casino in the near future there are a few different things to think about before putting your money at stake. The environment of the casino will ultimately be a make or break factor for your experience. This is because many have quite different atmospheres from one another. Finding the most suitable atmosphere for your specific preferences will allow you to get the most out of your trip. 


The Orleans Las Vegas is an extremely attractive option for many individuals. With hundreds of different games on the floor from slots to blackjack, there is definitely everything that any avid gambler will need to be satisfied. It’s simple but beautiful features create a warm, elegant environment with a bit of a slower pace than other popular casinos. With rates that rival any other high-class casino, as well as some really attractive packages for families, this hotel and casino should definitely be on your short list before making any final decision.


Very few casinos come with the innovative features and accommodations that The Orleans in Las Vegas provides without sacrificing the traditional casino environment. The authentic Vegas casino gaming experience is what most tourists are looking for and they certainly won’t be disappointed in this regard. There are an absolute ton of different things for the entire family to do including bowling, a spa and beauty salon, and movie theatre. This is why even families that are not particularly interested in gambling have decided to visit as well.


The Mohegan Sun is another option that you may want to include on your list when trying to decide. There are a ton of special offers that are available with this casino and hotel that will allow you to save a lot of money without giving up luxury accommodations. Families and travelers that are on a budget will definitely appreciate these opportunities and should take advantages of them when planning their next vacation to Vegas. Be sure to check out the events and giveaways hosted by the hotel including their $300, 000 cash craze giveaway. You will also want to find out about performers that will be at the hotel during your vacation as there are always legendary entertainers and stage shows available for guests of the casino and hotel.


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