You Might Get Rich Playing the WV Powerball

June 6, 2009



The Powerball, a lottery jackpot game that is in multi-states, with a $20 million starting jackpot and keeps increasing until it is won.  The WV Powerball has become very popular among its citizens as the thought of winning this large of a jackpot is very enticing.  You have to match all of the 5 numbers that are pulled plus the one number that is the Powerball to win the jackpot.  These drawings are held every Saturday and Wednesday evening.  The tickets cannot be voided and all sales of the tickets are final.  You also must claim your jackpot within 180 days of the drawing.


With the Powerball game there are three different ways to choose your numbers.  The first one is to choose the Quick Pick.  This has the computer randomly select the ticket numbers.  Next, you can pick the numbers that you want and indicate those numbers on the Powerball selection slip.  You would choose five white different numbers out of 1 to 59,and one of the red Powerball numbers out of 1 to 39.  The last way that you can choose the numbers would be to pick the five white numbers yourself or you pick just the one of the red Powerball numbers and have the computer Quick Pick whatever you didn’t pick.  You are allowed to choose as many tickets as you want and play up to ten drawing dates and put them together on one ticket as long as they are consecutive drawings.  Find the box for Multi-Draw that is on the selection slip or just tell the clerk that you are buying it from that you want more than one day on your ticket.


You do not have to be in the state that you want to play the Powerball with.  For instance, you do not have to be in Wisconsin to play the Wisconsin Powerball.  Remember, it is a multi-state lottery.  There are nine combinations for the winning ball in Powerball.  The more number that you have on your ticket that matches the numbers that are drawn, the more money you will win.  Also if you do happen to match the six winning numbers of the jackpot and someone else has a ticket that matches also, you will share, in equal amounts, the prize pool. 


When you should win the grand jackpot for a Powerball, you will have up to 60 days in which to choose the method that you want your money paid out.  The choices are to either take an annuity for 30-year or one lump sum in cash that would amount to approximately half of the amount of the jackpot.  After you have played Powerball you will want to go online to check the numbers.  For instance, if you played the Powerball in Wisconsin, you will want to go on the website for that state and look up the winning Wisconsin Powerball numbers.


Have fun playing this jackpot game and good luck in picking your numbers.


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