Your Six Pack Quest Review

August 5, 2009


Oh No Not Another Six Pack Ebook!

It’s a sad fact that most of the fitness training systems available today, fall short on their exaggerated claims of ongoing support after the customer has purchased the product. However, Vince’s Delmonte’s book called, “No Nonsense 6 Pack Quest”, is truly a cut above the rest offering additional support via the members area!

His proof comes in the form of a guy called Peter Carvell. Peter got from 276 pounds, with more than 30% body fat, down to 176 pounds of lean, taut muscle with only 6% body fat. And what’s more did it over 24 short weeks recording the whole thing on the internet! Click here to read the full story: Best Ab Workouts.

So Who is Vince Delmonte?

Vince DelMonte or “skinny Vinnie” as he was once known used to be a 149 pound long distance runner who was desperate to find a method to overcome his skinny gene’s. He developed a system  that earned him 41 pounds of rock-hard muscle in less than six months, gaining international publicity when he won the Canadian Fitness Model Championships in Windsor Ontario in November 2005.

You may well have heard of his No Nonsense Muscle Building product that has taken the fitness industry by storm and now Vince is taking on the six pack ab gurus who claim they have the best system. Click here for more information: Your Six Pack Quest Review

What The Program Pack includes:

Your six pack quest Ebook  
No-Nonsense 6-Pack DVD
Comprehensive Meal Plans  
The 16-Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts  
Your six pack quest members zone
100% 60 day money back guarantee

So in conclusion Your Six Pack Quest is an excellent guide which is a well presented in a multimedia format designed to build your muscles and burn your fat. This is a natural six pack system developed without the use of supplements or drugs which damage your health as well as your wealth! As with anything in life, if you are willing to put in the effort you will achieve your goals and if your goal is to change your life then “Your six pack quest” will get you there…

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